Vocaloid news 23.12.2017

  • TKY Origami posted on their official Twitter a Step by Step guide on how to fold a Miku origami which is around the size of a Nendriod Figure.
  • The official Miku Expo Twitter published the first little news for the Miku Expo 2018.
    It was stated that Miku Expo will be held in the U.S and Mexico next year.
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode now sells Snow Miku Sky Town Goods!!
    Following this link you’ll be able to get $5 off
  • GATEBOX published a new video update a while ago, showing their new Miku Model for their “Living with Hatsune Miku Project”.
  • For all the Project Diva Fans who didn’t hear it yet:
    There is a new DLC available for Project Diva: Future Tone.
    The DLC includes the song “Ghost Rule” by Deco*27 and “Sand Planet” by Producer Hachi.
    It also comes with 2 new Miku outfits. Sadly those who bought the season pass, will still have to pay extra for this one.
  • Producer Crusher-P released her first Album!
  • First Place, the Company behind I.A published a Musical teaser on their Youtube channel.
    As much as I was able to found out, I think it will be held in france next year.





Vocaloid Yukari and Vocaloid Avanna both celebrated their birthday.
While Yukari is now 6 years old, Avanna became 5 years.


The Theme Song for the Snow Miku 2018, was published on Youtube!
It’s called “Square Earth” and was produced by Nishizawa san P

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